The Brazilian economy offers innumerous opportunities for businesspersons from all over the world. A country of continental dimensions, with an area of 8.5 million square kilometers, Brazil has vast arable lands, abundant minerals and a rich biodiversity. Its population, of 195 million inhabitants, is welcoming, creative and versatile. The biggest and most important economy of Latin America, with a diversified industrial base, reached a GDP of 2.5 trillion US dollars in 2012.

The State of São Paulo is one of the engines of the Brazilian economy and, with 42 million inhabitants, has industry as its main source of prosperity.

Concentrating one third of Brazil´s GDP, the state is responsible for more than half the exports of manufactured goods and ranks as the largest industrial, commercial and financial hub of South America. It also offers privileged transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructure conditions.

This brochure has the objective of presenting to the world the main advantages and challenges of our economy. For those who are doing business for the first time in Brazil, we would like to welcome you and show how our creativity and dynamics reflect in our economy. For those who already know our country, we hope this brochure can clarify some queries and cause even more interest in the opportunities Brazil offers.

The Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo – FIESP – is committed to fostering and developing industry in the State of São Paulo and Brazil, aiming to contribute to increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian economy in the global scenario and to position us as the main partner of companies interested in enjoying the advantages of our dynamic forces. We work hard for the development of Brazil and believe that the increase of trade flows
and investments is a key condition for our prosperity.